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39, 123 Soi Raengkla 1, Rawai, Phuket 83130, Thailand
Every day from 5pm to 12pm
Right in the heart of a tropical paradise, discover Groov – Phuket’s latest gastro bar sensation. Here, every bite is a journey, every sip a new story. Our unique cocktails that stir the soul are more than just flavors, they are an experience waiting to tantalize your senses.

About Us


Every evening at Groov

is a celebration of good vibes, great tunes, and gastronomic delights. From the moment you step in, you’ll get swayed by our curated music selections. Every beat, every note is chosen to enhance your experience, making it a rhythmical dance of culinary and auditory wonder. Our art-inspired decor sets the stage for memories in the making. It reflects our ethos: where every element, be it food, drink, or ambiance, is meticulously curated. Step into Groov and groove to the rhythm of Phuket’s finest.

Be more than just a guest

Be part of the story, be part of the Groov legacy. Join us for an evening where every moment promises to be unforgettable.